Friday, November 19, 2010

URGENT ACTION: Another North Side School Closing!!! Rally to Save Cityview K-8 at the School Board Meeting Where the Vote is Scheduled!!!

URGENT ACTION: Another North Side School Closing?!?!
Rally to Save Cityview K-8
At the School Board Meeting Where the Vote is Scheduled!!!

Tuesday, Nov. 23
4:45pm – 6:00pm

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The Minneapolis School District is set to vote on closing Cityview K-8, one of the last remaining North Minneapolis public schools, and plans to replace it with a privately managed charter school. But teachers, parents, students, and the community are fighting back! On Thursday Cityview teachers voted 46-1 to call this rally. They are mobilizing parents and the community to stand up against the continued privatization and dismantling of our public education system. 

Text from teacher’s leaflet

Closing Cityview and changing it into a charter school is not the answer our community needs to help all children be successful in school and in life!

Teachers, students, and families want a chance to be a part of solving the issues surrounding Cityview. They want to share its successes as well! Many believe a wrap around community school would be a great solution for Cityview. The School Board has not asked the families or teachers about solutions. We want a voice in the decision-making!

Join other families, community members and teachers on November 23rd at a rally to let the MPS School Board know their current plans to close Cityview are not acceptable.

The closing of schools on the North Side has to end! Our community needs strong public schools that are fully supported by our MPS administration – not schools that have been handed over to others.

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Knaus said...

Thank you for posting this. The more support we have the better off we are. Great things have happened at Cityview and, if restored, will continue again.

Thank you!!!

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