Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rally to Stop the Closing of North High 4:30 tuesday at Board of Ed meeting

Tell the Minneapolis Board of Education…
Rally at the Board of Education Meeting
Tuesday, Oct. 12
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
807 Broadway Ave NE, Mpls.
Then join us inside the Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. to voice our demands.
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Facts of the situation:
  • Friday Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent, Bernadeia Johnson, announced her plan to close down North High School.
  • Already the Minneapolis School Board has closed down more schools in North Minneapolis than any other neighborhood, including five elementary and middle schools since 2007.
  • The Board is set to vote on the proposed closure of North on November 9th
  • The plan to close North is linked to the Board’s recent decision to create two new privately managed, non-union “Minneapolis College Prep” charter schools.
  • Public schools are the bedrock of a community and this will all but eliminate public education in North Minneapolis!
  • Click here for WCCO video coverage of North closure and footage of our "Save North High Coalition" meeting.
Therefore we call on the Minneapolis Board of Education to:
Vote down the proposal to close North High School.
* Reverse the decision to open two “Minneapolis College Prep” charter high schools.
* Re-establish a “home zone” for North High to boost enrollment.
* In partnership with parents, teachers, and students, develop an aggressive, fully-funded plan to boost enrollment at North High.
* Immediately open a dialogue with North teachers proposing an innovative “self-managed” school model.
To get more involved, join us at the next meeting of the
Saturday, October 16th
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Zion Baptist Church
621 Elwood Ave N, Minneapolis, MN
North High Alumni Association | 612.715.2527
Friends of North Foundation |
Public Education Justice Alliance of MN (PEJAM) | 952.465.5307
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_____Text of leaflet being distributed to build for Tuesday protest_____
Stop the Privatization of Public Education!
Save North High School!
District Neglect of North Minneapolis
District officials point toward declining enrollment at North High and district-wide as their reason for closing the school. Less than 270 students are now enrolled in North. But declining enrollment is a direct result of District neglect and underfunding.
It is clear the District pursued an intentional policy of pushing North’s numbers down to make it more politically palatable to phase out public education in the center of Minneapolis’s largest African American community. For example, every other high school in Minneapolis has a “home zone,” meaning that neighborhood students are automatically enrolled in their neighborhood school unless they specifically choose another school. This policy was taken away at North last year, denying the school potentially hundreds of students.
The Board’s planned neglect of North was also shown in their decision last summer to sponsor two new privately managed, non-union “Minneapolis College Prep” charter schools. The first is set to open in North next fall with a 700 student capacity. But studies show privately managed, unaccountable charters have increased segregation in Minnesota, while failing to improve over-all test scores.

Privatizing Public Education
On a national scale, a powerful set of business and political interests are pushing a profit-driven policy of privatization. Corporate funding has poured into privately managed charters, many of them explicitly for-profit schools, as well as political lobbying to ensure government support for expanding charters at the expense of public schools.
Across the country urban, low-income, and predominantly Black and Latino communities have faced the most sweeping school closures and privatization. Low test scores, which say more about a student’s zip-code than about their intelligence, are used as an excuse replace public schools with charters. But every serious study shows charters’ test scores average no better than public schools despite their ability to cherry-pick the best performing students.
Charters failure to perform is linked to rapid teacher burnout and turnover. Charters are non-union, meaning they typically overwork teachers and don’t pay living wages or benefits. The best teachers refuse to work under these conditions. Privatization and charters are no solution to the problems facing North schools. Real answers can only come by expanding the resources and democratic community control of our public schools.
North High Alumni Association | 612.715.2527
Friends of North Foundation |
Public Education Justice Alliance of MN | 952.465.5307
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