Saturday, October 2, 2010

OCTOBER 7 Rally & Concert to Defend Our Schools

Part of a National Day of Action

Thursday, October 7, 5pm – 9pm
Rally & March from MCTC, followed by a FREE Concert in Loring Park

* Guante
* Fresh Squeeze
* Junkyard Empire
* Poetic Assassins
* Usual Suspects
* Speakers, free food, info tables, and more!

Our demands include:
- No to budget cuts, tuition hikes, layoffs, program cuts, and school closures! SAVE NORTH HIGH!
- Cancel student debt!
- Free, high-quality education for everyone, pre-K through college!
- Stand against racism, segregation, and criminalization of youth of color! Fund ethnic studies and multicultural programs!
- Take democratic control of our schools!
- Eliminate high-stakes testing!
- End corporate influence, privatization, and militarization of public education!


5:00pm: Gather at MCTC Plaza for a rally
5:45pm: March to Loring Park
6:00pm: FREE concert at Loring Park bandstannd featuring Guante, Fresh Squeeze, Junkyard Empire, and other surprise guests and speakers. Hosted by Poetic Assassins.
See FACEBOOK page for more info, and to invite others.

*** Organized by ***
Education Action Coalition of MN
Public Education Justice Alliance of MN  |

*** HELP MOBILIZE for October 7th ***

In one week, we have an opportunity to send a powerful message, locally and nationally, against the budget cuts, privatization, and degradation of public education. We can show broad community solidarity with North High students, teachers, parents, and community as the Board of Education prepares to shut the school down. But we need YOUR help to make this action a success!
On October 7th, we will have a city-wide rally, march, and concert (5pm – 9pm, @ MCTC & Loring Park) to step up the united struggle in both K-12 schools and public higher education

1.    High School Leafleting for Oct. 7 Rally & Concert
*** Each morning next week (Mon 10/4 – Thurs 10/7) we will send teams to leaflet outside high schools for October 7th, and we need your help. Our goal is to leaflet every Minneapolis high school twice. In several high schools, we are working with student and teacher activists mobilizing from the inside, so our outside leafleting will add to the buzz.
*** Schools start at 8:30am, so the plan is to arrive in teams by 8am and leaflet outside the schools for 30mn beforehand. If you can provide rides to and from schools, that would be doubly helpful. If you need a ride, we can likely arrange that. To volunteer, give Brandon a call/text at 952-465-5307.

2.    Put Posters Everywhere!
*** We will have folks going out across the Twin Cities this weekend and early next week to plaster the city with posters. We can get you supplies and suggested areas to hit if you want to go postering solo. Email Teddy at to arrange getting supplies, etc. (and leave your phone # so he can call you back).
*** We also have several pre-scheduled postering meet-ups you can plug into.

- Sunday 10/3 @ 7:30pm. Meet @ Hard Times Café (on Riverside Ave, just off Cedar Ave).
- Email Teddy for info on further postering events, or check “Upcoming Events” tab on

3.    Leafleting at U of M, MCTC, Hamline, elsewhere
If you are able to join us leafleting on campuses for October 7th, email Teddy at to arrange getting supplies, etc. (and leave your phone # so he can call you back).

*** Join us Tuesday, Noon, @  U of M Northrop Mall by Washington  Ave, for a picket and leafleting.

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