Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday Pickets to Defend Public Education (and build for Oct 7th National Day of Action to Defend Public Education)

NORTHROP MALL @ the University of Minnesota

Join the Education Action Coalition of MN to picket and demonstrate in defense of public education at the U of M (and everywhere)! Our immediate demands:
- No budget cuts!
- Decrease tuition, cancel student debt!
- Stop layoffs and program cuts!
- Democratize the U! Elected students, faculty, and campus workers on all decision-making bodies!
...- Confront institutional racism! Defend affirmative action and ethnic studies!

This event will occur EVERY TUESDAY FROM 12 NOON TO 1 PM between now and the October 7th National Day of Action, and will also be used to hand out leaflets and build support for this important rallying point in the struggle to defend public education.

We will have picket signs and banners - just bring yourself and your friends.
Each week we'll have a different theme:

9/21 - INTERVIEWS: How much do you have to work while going to school? How much debt do you expect to rack up by the time you graduate? Talk to our cameras, and let the world know how impossible it is to pay for school these days. While you're at it, vent whatever other frustrations or hopes you have for the public educational system!

9/28 - BALLOON DAY: This week we'll literally be "raising" our demands... by tying signs and leaflets to helium-filled balloons! Come stop by and pick up your free balloon as part of this week's picket!

10/5: FLASH MOB: Details are waiting to be worked out more fully, but watch this space for updates! Post here or send us a message if you want to help make sure this happens!

This event is organized by the Education Action Coalition MN. For more info and our full call to action, see .



Education Action Coalition MN (EAC) has meetings every Thursday evening at 6:30pm in Blegen Hall, room 115.

-If you'd like to help construct magical flying balloon banners, contact Nick Shillingford (612-251-0707)

-If you prefer music and dance, contact Laura Madsen, who will be working on the flash mob (952-465-5309)

-If you'd like to help organize guerrilla theater, contact Brian Apland (651-274-5071)(

-If you have your own ideas for mobilization, come to the Thursday meeting, post here, or message us!

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