Monday, January 17, 2011

Defense Contractor Desires to Make Math and Science "Cool" and "Fun"

One of the contributors to the Chamber of Commerce' educational reform effort, Profiles in Innovation: Institute for a Competitive Workforce, is Northrup-Grummen, the defense contractor that produces the B-2 stealth bomber and F/A 18 fighter. Arne Duncan is coming to discuss programs like Profiles in Innovation with the Chamber on Friday, Jan 21.
In a video on the Chamber's website, a representative from Northrup-Grummen states "Right now we have educational programs that impact the entire k-12 pipeline". He continues to say that, by making math and science "cool" and "fun", the initiative is designed to help pave the way for university students who could eventually help them develop "products".
We should resist the notion that math and science
education are designed to support the military-industrial complex, or
that an appropriate application of these subjects is the business of
making war.

SEE POST BELOW for info on PEJAM rally to protest corporate and militaristic education policies that Arne Duncan will be promoting in his Luncheon with MN Chamber of Commerce

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